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It was the fall of 1989, and I was saying goodbye to a friend as we were about to leave for Thanksgiving break.  As she rested her head on my shoulder, she accidentally left a lipstick mark on my jacket. I didn't notice it at first, but as I was removing my jacket at home, I noticed the red lipstick mark and just stared at it for a moment.  Perhaps as a romantic notion, or just out of curiosity, I chose not to remove the lipstick mark.  Instead, I left it in place and watched it slowly fade away over the next few years. Since that cold day in November, that lipstick mark has always been in the back of my mind, and after 24 years of thought and experimentation, I was finally able to turn that innocent red smudge int the cornerstone of my artistic expression. A small lesson here: those things that are stuck in your head are there for a reason. Try not to ignore them.



This self-portrait is 54x80 inches and is made up of 6144 squares of lipstick marks. View the images below to see close-up views of the lipstick marks that make up the portrait.